Mayor Hilton Raines. The crook that runs Alpha City. Believes the old adage "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer". To this end, he publicly supports the heroes that operate in Alpha City. 

Police Chief Randell Nighten
, Hardboiled and by the book. He believes that the so-called, costumed crimefighters undermine the integrity of his Police Department. He is resentful that his son has chosen the Status Q organization over the Police Department and blames Qui'ote personally.

Officer D.L. Thurman, veteran cop. Former partner of Police Chief Nighten. He prefers to be a "beat cop" serving and protecting people. One of few officers that openly speak in favor of the service those costumed heroes provide.

Officer Seth Maloy
, rookie cop. Top of his class at the academy, current partner of D.L.Thurman, Although an honest man, He is hotheaded and envious of the attention the costumed types receive.

Don "Vinnie" Smith
, liaison. Working at the stereotypical donut-shop "The Hole"; he acts as the go between for the cops and costumes of Alpha City.

Kari Keane
, reporter.  Most, reporters for "The Daily Vision" write the news.  As an investigating reporter, she makes the news.  As a single mom she juggles a career and family life.

Kenneth "Heavy" Keane
, Member of the Paper Corps., a superhero fanclub..  Kari Keane?s son.  Works part time delivering papers.  A kid that idolizes superheroes, trouble tends to find him.

Richard "Spex" Krisp
, Member of the Paper Corps., a superhero fanclub. Works part time delivering papers. The nephew of Tekk Magee, he shares his uncle's knack for inventing. Always the practical joker, he's usually left laughing at his own jokes.

Eliot"E-Man" Brooks
, Member of the Paper Corps., a superhero fanclub. Works part time delivering papers.  The great-grandson of the original Blue Comet. Strong and athletic, with a mean dropkick.

Hanna "Belle" Marriot
, Member of the Paper Corps., a superhero fanclub. Works part time delivering papers. Has secretly developed sonic abilities.  Possibly related to the villianous AMP.

Rocko Giovanni
, bodyguard.  Mayor Raines right hand man. He acts as Chauffeur, bodyguard, and assistant.  Definitely not afraid of breaking a few legs.

Knuckles Pulaski, one of the mayor's special "account managers". He answers to Rocko Giovanni.
Detective Nic Dallas, Special Crimes Division. A hotshot, with an affinity for Alpha City?s costumed types. Assigned  to the S.C.D., she sees plenty of action and wouldn?t have it any other way.

Many Sukura, video-journalist. Cameraman for TWAK 6 news, he captures the news as it happens.  Co-producer of "FREELANCE JUSTICE" a "COPS" like reality show..

, the shy flasher. A street performer thats sees it all and for a bit of cash might tell you about it.

Buster Cappinelli
, gunman. He's an old style gangster in the modern world. Carries a trademark Tommy Gun.

Father Thomas Sinclair
, Priest.  Officially, a faithful servant of the Lord.  Unofficially, Alpha City?s leading occult authority.

the MIGHTY...
, friendly host of Alpha City's children's cable show, Power Toon Bonanza. a master storyteller the MIGHTY thrills the kids with tales of his adventures with the other heroes of Alpha City...odd how none of these adventures ever made the news...

Able and Renette Ferrati, wealthy industrialists.  Prominent citizens of Alpha City.  Owners of F.I.T. / Ferrati International Technologies.  They have two children, daughter, Lila and son, Lein(deceased).

Sean Wyatt
, artist.  Owns and operates "QuietWyatt's"  a small art center showcasing the local artists of Alpha City.

Loraine Rivers, bank manager.  With a recent promotion, Loraine now manages the Madison Street branch of Alpha National Bank.

"Big" John Stevenson
, bar/club owner.  Moved to Alpha City to start his own bar and club. He currently manager/co-owner of the "Bad Kitty Cabaret". A mysterious silent partner is apparently known only to John. 

Rolando Rivas
, junior high Spanish teacher. A very compassionate man, there is nothing he won't do for his family and students.  He believes he helps shape the future of Alpha City, by educating the kids today. A near tragic incident in his past has made Rolando a firm believer in the need of costumed heroes. 

Morris "Moe" Bricker
, cop.  A member of the S.W.A.T. team assigned to the Special Crimes Division.  He is the heavy weapons specialist.

Consuelo Jaunita "CJ" Arroyo, cop.  A member of the S.W.A.T. team assigned to the Special Crimes Division. She is a small arms specialist.

Doctor Brent Spaulding, psychologist / psychiatrist .  Administrator of the Alpha City Sanitarium. A leading authority on the mentally disadvantaged, his staff and patients, affectionately  refer to him  as  “the Brain”.