Doctor Jake McQueen, cryptozoologist.   McQueen developed an interest in unusual animals while serving in the U.S. Special forces.   After leaving the military he went on to become an authority in zoology and cryptozoologist.  He currently resides in the Amazonian rainforest.  His research is funded  by a grant from Ferrati international Technologies. 

As much an adventurer as scientist,
McQueen has often found himself at odds with poachers.  He has also fended off  thieves  intent on looting  the ancient ruins found throughout the region.

Well known, to the natives, as a friend of the animals, they often see him accompanied by the rare goliath spider monkey  “
Nunya” and the  clouded leopard “Baruk”.
McQueen has also found a companion  in “ChiChel” a tribal priestess.   

ChiChel, tribal Priestess.   Attending the well-being of her tribe, she is priestess of the “Lake of the Moon”.
This lake is believed to be the life force of her tribe. The lake is also home to “
Pahni, the Great Serpent”, a giant Anaconda.   ChiChel, wears clothing  made from shed anaconda skin., “a gift from Pahni”.