Devin Petrovich, daughter of King Yegor Petrovich, rightful ruler of Narganian. She, along with her family, are currently living in exile. Her fathers throne, having been usurped by his cousin , Lord Vadik Adadurov (the powerful villain known as “Lord Anarchy”). She and her half brother Denis, both reside in Alpha City, while her father and step-mother are in Valestonia, working to restore the throne.
A witch and seer , descended from a long line of witches (on her mothers side), she is know the world at large as “Mistress Paradox”. A woman of unique taste, bound by the traditions of her homeland, Devin has, almost completely, removed herself from traditional relationships.  Well known among the most influential circles, she is considered “fortune-teller to the stars“. A some time consultant , to STATUS Inc., she is close ( closer than either is allowed to act on*) friends with Qui’ote Five.

*stay tuned..
Wynnfeld, Lady Devin's butler/personal assistant/familier.  Far older than he appears, he served the same role for Devin's mother.
He was among those  recused during the "Nargainian Incursion" by Qui'ote.
Mistress Paradox, has  been gathering a coven of witches. It is her hope that their power will one day aid her family in the recovery of the Narganian throne.
The Paradox Coven