Circa 1939, Redgate Industries, New Liberty, USA

One night , entrepreneur, Jeremy Redgate discovered a group of masked men trying to over-power his  company guard, Richard O’Rielly .  He quickly joined the fray and together they managed to foil and capture several of the crooks.  While in police custody, the men, revealed they were part of a criminal ring selling  stolen equipment and weapons to the Nazi’s.  Realizing that the war in Europe was coming to America, the patriotic, Redgate and O’Rielly  decided  to do their part, to protect the city and country.  

With news reports of costumed heroes being seen in other parts of the country.  They decided on costumed identities for themselves.  Playing off their actual names Redgate  donned the bright costume of  the “Scarlet Sentinel”. O’Rielly fell back to his childhood nickname of “Rowdy”.   Aided by the inventive genius of Professor Abernathy Swint.   The duo battled evil and corruption  in New Liberty until America joined in World War II.  Volunteering as special agents of the Allied forces, they saw a variety of combat situations, from the mundane to the outlandish.
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