Roughly ten years in the future of Alpha City.
Superhuman activity is on the rise.
Qui’ote will expand the Status Q organization with a second team of operatives.
Rook, team trainer and field leader. Armed with sword and pulsegun he is an expert fighter and tactician.
Spex, armor and equipment specialist. He has taken personal armament to the next level.
3 2 1
BigDog, fast and extremely strong. An adventurer by heart, he is the primal soul of Status 2.
4 3 2 1
Blue Comet II, a legacy hero. With his nullinite jet pack, and energy powers, he honors the first Blue Comet’s memory.
3 2 1
Wild Belle, sonic warrior. Her powers developed as a child. Possibly the daughter of the villainous AMP.
3 2 1
Briar, wildchild. The youngest of the team. He is also the first second generation STATUS member.
2 1
Team Photo