Bless me Father, for I have sinned...
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     Born in 1936 , the autistic Scott Sinclair spent his early years living in his own inner world. Then in 1947, his younger brother , Thomas, became the victim of demonic possession. At the request of their parents, Father Michael performed an exorcism on Thomas.
      Unbeknownst to either the Priest or parents, the demon simply fled from Thomas into Scott.
       It was on this night that Scott’s new life began. The demon had became trapped in his inner world. Awakened to the real world he became a vibrant active child. In his early teens he began exhibiting demonic strength and agility. In his early twenties an encounter with another demon revealed his ability to absorb demon spirits. After several decades of fighting demons, he has become a sanctuary for repentant demonic souls barred from Heaven and fearing a return to Hell.
All alone in a crowd,
deafend by the silence of wayward souls
burning eyes by the midday moon,
no angel to wash away the pain,
walk away on clumsey feet
stumble upon the fright,
friendship with harsh reality,

all alone in a crowd
arms embrace the chilling breath,
tongue stings sweet taste of fear,
teasing day, eve of mother night,
bleeding fingers grasp
cling to hopless faith,
crawl on now
lie among the thorns

all alone in a crowd
St.Clair awaits...