Storm Stories:
The Heroes:

Harris Dean /
Thomas Allen /
Christina Navarro(Chrissy) /
Charles Navarro(Charlie, Chico, kid) /
Robert Kwon /

STG uniforms are made from a special mimetic fiber. Each suit is individually programmed to adapt to the wearers powers.

Molecular  Modulation  Reactor / Experimental device designed to shape and control matter at a molecular level.  Reportedly intended to influence  planetary  weather.

Synth-O-Form Composite / Synthetic Organic Form Composite, a malleable shape-programmable organic compound. Designated as a synthetic life form.

The Womb / Special  “clean room” facility utilized by Doctor Dean.
My in progress notes on the Storm Team Genesis*  project,

The Villains:

Sovereign, Ruler of the Imperium
OmniThrax, Imperium Overlord
Vernox, the Enforcer, Imperium Slaver
Cevacet, the Whipmaster, Imperium Slaver

The Alchemic Man, Master of Elements
The officially released origin:

During  an experiment with a molecular modulation reactor  (a device designed to influence storm formations) the device overloaded, the resultant energy wave engulfed the five occupants of the building.  The exotic nature of the energy altered  the molecular structure of four of the individuals, granting each  remarkable abilities.  Dr. Dean was apparently unaffected.  He attributes  his exclusion  to the grounding of his wheel chair.

The truth however is vastly different…
*The team in this Project,  has been known as "StormFront"  since I began the concept.  Nearing completion I discovered the name Stormfront was linked to a racist website.  I therefore changed the name to Storm Team Genisis.  Given the origins of the charaters I thought it would be fitting.