Count Fedrick Von Steed, Narganian Ambassador.  With diplomatic immunity, he extends the reach of his Monarch, Master Anarchy, to the shores of America. One part playboy, two parts black market specialist. 
The legal community has nick-named him, the Duke of Teflon.  For his uncanny ability to escape all prosecution, as well as, multiple assassination attempts.
King Yegor Petrovich, exiled monarch.  Currently residing in Valestonia.   King Yegor strives to regain his throne and the freedom of his country.

Queen Alina Petrovich, exiled royal. Currently residing in Valestonia.  Queen Alina is at her husbands side.

Prince Denis  Petrovich
, exiled royal.  Currently attending boarding school in the United States.

Princess Devin  Petrovich, exiled royal. Currently residing in Alpha City, USA.  Devin is known to the world at large as Mistress Paradox.

Lord Vadik  Adadurov, monarch.  Current ruler of  Nargania.  A malevolent dictator, Adadurov is know to the world as , Lord Anarchy. An extremely vain man, Adadurov believes commoners are unworthy to see his face. For this reason he only appears in public masked or with his helmet. Adadurov's martial law is maintained by the “Civil Enforcement Troopers” ( 1 2 3 4 5 6). These heavily armed elite soldiers, easily bring fear to citizens of Nargania The so-called Heavy Enforcers ( 1 2 3 4 5 )turn even more fire-power toward the rising rebel factions.Increasing rebel activity has led the CET to supplement it’s forces with Mechanoid Artillery Units ( 1 2 3 4 ).
Adadurov, is also served by several “exotic” beings.
Countess Taisia Utarefson, Adadurov’s vampiric counselor and companion.
Major Egmont Kiel, a cyborg and traitor to his native Valestonia.
Mr. Rattle and Mr. Hum, masters of pain and interrogation.
der EisenFurie (Iron Fury), the time displaced German flying soldier.

The  Dark Order, a sinister off shoot of the catholic church.  Controlled by Cardinal Eisner, the Order operates outside the law of both church and state.  Cardinal Eisner acts as spiritual advisor to Lord Adadurov.  The power of the Order is enforcer by the elite warriors of the  Brotherhood.