Hello All,

Well I finally decided to jot down the thoughts and notion’s that make up Qui’ote’s world.  Keep in mind I’m, by no means, a skilled writer.  Most of these notes are disjointed, some probably make sense only to me.  However it is my sincere hope  they will at least give a better insight to themes I have in mind…

Here is a breakdown of the
Qui’ote timeline.  It’s not complete yet, I plan to add to it, as well as, insert new information into the existing line…

It dawned on me recently that I could easily compare my main group of characters to the
knights of old…

I’m sure you’ve noticed the strange glowing head in some of the pictures of Qui’ote.  That would be “Sage”.  Ahh…
the possibilities abound…

Some interesting  thoughts on
Qui’ote’s evolution.

Notes on the inter-personal
relationships associated with Qui'ote and Status Q.

You may have noticed a few other

My thoughts on the
source of powers in the Qui'ote universe.

A special page dedicated to
variants of Qui'ote done by myself and others.

Funny Animal

Some boring thoughts
on me…

Various links…

Letters to the Editor…email me your comments,  Oh and please send any requests for character info too.