Way back in 1980/1981 I created a character called “Rook”. An unpowered street-fighter type of guy. At first he didn’t even have a costume, just jeans and jacket. Eventually I decided to suit him up, so to speak. ( picture) I designed an original costume for him( unfortunately the mullet was in style back then so laugh at his hair and move on). A couple of years later I learned that the name “Rook” had been used. I renamed him “KnightRanger” and added a stylized badge to his uniform. After this he went thru a few costume alterations. Then the (cursed) Power Rangers became popular and prompted another name change. When he became Nyx Krysten, Lord of the KnyghtsWyld. I realized I’d created an entirely new character.( Who knows maybe he’ll even show in Alpha City). Then life happened and I dropped out of the comic and character things for a while.

            May 2002. I discovered Stikfas. I order my first kit and dusted off some old folders of characters I’d done so long ago. The old Rook picture was the first to get my attention. He needed a new name , but I planned on keeping the color scheme. Some of the other choices I had were Quixote. Citizen Q and even the older KnightRanger (Qui’ote’s dog Ranger is named for this version). The indecision on his name, also prompted the color scheme he has now.