Qui’ote Five and Devin Petrovich (Mistress Petrovich) carry an unresolved affection for each other.
Despite  her “exotic” lifestyle,  Narganian royal tradition controls any serious relationship she may have.
They have been seen  together “as friends”  at several Hollywood events.

Being on different sides of the law. Wilem Nighten (Mr. Kidd) and WildRose struggle with their relationship.

Theodore Magee (Tekk) is oblivious the  crush his apprentice, Zoë Nichols, has on him.
Tekk is the uncle of Richard “Spex” Krisp..

Lila Ferrati (Lila)  has crush on the dashing yet villainous El Tazar.  This would be relationship has brought her into conflict  with Status Inc., co-founder and  current special operative Rook (Nash Clayton).  Rook sometimes serves as “drill instructor” for the team.  He claims her feelings for Tazar are childish and a danger to the team.  Ironically, he is quite fond of her and has more than once jeopardized his covert status to  come to her aid.

Monroe Biggman (Biggs) maintains a serious relationship with reporter Kari Keane.  He has assumed the father figure role to Keane's son, Kenneth.

Odell Turner (Ode)  is currently unattached and spiritually content.

Anani Cruz (Jetz)  enjoys  the single life, but is open to a serious relationship .

Trevor Leone, single.

Grace Alexander, enjoys  the single life, but is open to a serious relationship .

Henri Callum, single.

Oliver “Iceberg” Lattice, single.
Notes  on the inter-personal relationships  involving Qui’ote and Status Q.