STATUS: Timeline
The future Qui’ote Five is born

The baby is found on the steps of the Alpha City Children’s home.

Adoption by Art and Gwen LaPointe. He is given the name Quade.

Quade is the younger of two boys adopted by Art and Gwen.

Quade has a relatively happy and normal life, then at age eight he learns of his adoption.

At age nine he is first visited by “the Sage”. It is Sage that reveals his “alleged” alien heritage.

Prompted by Sage, he begins martial arts training.

Given thoughts of heroic grandeur and flights of fancy.

At age sixteen , he is diagnosed with a unique form of Quixote Syndrome.

To appease his concerned parents, he enters mental therapy.

Meets peer councilor , Odell Turner. “Ode” quickly becomes his friend and advisor.

His parents are killed and his brother disappears after a mysterious accident.

Shattered by the loss of his family, he remains in therapy until age eighteen.

He spends the next several years completing his studies, along with intense physical conditioning and training.

Quade finishes collage, with a Masters in Criminal Justice.

Legally changes his name to Qui’ote Five.

Qui’ote begins career in fugitive retrieval and security.

Lord Anarchy gains power in the country of Nargania.

His first major case, the retrieval of Monroe Biggman.

Two  years later, Members of Narganian royal family held hostage by Lord Anarchy.

Negotiations for hostage release breakdown.

Qui’ote participates in the Narganian incursion.

Qui'ote's right knee is severaly injured by the gun-man known as Hollowpoint.

During this mission he first meets, the young, Lady Devin Petrovich.
(She was sixteen, this contributes to the awkward relationship the two share.)   Dispite being weakened from captivity, Devin used her magical skills to temporarily heal Qui'ote's leg during the escape. 26

With his successful rescue of the Narganian hostages, Qui’ote gains world wide fame.

While receiving therapy for his damaged leg, he meets Inventor, Theodore “Tekk” Magee.

Tekk, is undergoing therapy after having his leg amputated.

With Sage advice, Qui’ote, purchases an “UltraBucks” lotto ticket. Over night he becomes a multimillionaire.   Up to this point Sage's advice had been generally spiritual.

Now able to further fund his adventures, he decides to invest in custom armor for aesthetics, as well as, personal protection.

Tekk agrees to join Qui’ote. He will design armor and equipment.

Creative genius Tekk, introduces him to fellow patient, Nash Clayton. Clayton, a former SEAL and Special agent, had recently lost his right arm.

Qui’ote, Tekk, and Nash Clayton form Status Inc.

Tekk designs a custom cybernetic arm for Clayton.

Tekk creates the first Qui’ote armor.

STATUS. Inc, opens in a renovated warehouse.

Qui’ote serves as sole field agent for Status Q, for one  year.

Qui’ote purchases Ranger, has the K9 trained.

Deciding to expand the roster, Qui’ote initially contacts his former mentor Ode.

Ode declines the invitation.

Qui’ote finds his first partner in rookie police officer Wilem Knighten / Mr. Kidd.

Two years later the roster expands again with addition  of the newly released
Monroe Biggman / Biggs.

Later, at the suggestion of Nash Clayton, Qui’ote brings in former Mossad agent Akeem Rath-Alizar.

With the addition of Rath, Qui’ote  split’s the team into two field units.

Qui’ote and Mr. Kidd will be designated as “LIONHEART”

Biggs  along with Rath form “VALIANT”

Tekk hires and old friend  Anani “A.C.” Cruz, as medic and transportation specialist for Status Inc.

Tekk and A.C. form the reserve field unit  "RAMPART"

During a business meeting  at Ferrati International Technologies Qui’ote and Company meet Able and Rennette Ferrati and their daughter Lila.

The immature Lila decides she wants to be a hero, apparently  for the excitement and fame.

Attempting to dissuade her  Qui’ote sends her to Asia  to train with Ode, for a year

Believing she will become bored and move on to her next interest.

Several months later every one  is surprised by the appearance of Ode,
accompanying the unexpectedly dedicated Lila.

Lila is assigned to “VALIANT”.  Ode finally joins the team as the resident trainer and spiritual advisor.

Ode assigned himself to "RAMPART"

Blue numbers indicate Qui'ote's approximate age

Time Line subject to retro-continuity