In the possible future the children of Qui’ote Five and Devin Petrovich  carry on the mission begun by STATUS Q.

Lexa ( 1 2 ), the older of twins.  Attitude wrapped in armor.  The  de facto leader of Q ² , her enhanced physical abilities hide a keen mind.  To her chagrin Gage refers to her as “the warrior princess”.

Gage ( 1 2 ), the first warlock in seven generations of witches.    Younger by two minutes, Lexa relishes calling him “little” brother.  The power he wields belies his age.

Created by the skills of Tekk Magee and Lein Ferrati,
Ranger X ( 1 2 3 ) is the cyber-evolved  version of  Ranger, Qui’ote’s pet dog.    Nick-named “Rex” he is the guardian and companion of the twins, Lexa and Gage.