Heart and Soul, the leader of STATUS Q...
Real name: Qui’ote Five (formerly Quade LaPointe)
Other Current aliases: None
Former aliases: None
Dual identity: None
Current occupation: Crime fighter/Adventurer, head of Status Incorporated.
Former occupation: None
Citizenship: United States of America
Legal status: No criminal record
Place of birth: Alpha City (officially)
Marital status: Single
Known relatives: Arthur LaPointe (adoptive father, deceased), Gwen LaPointe (adoptive mother, deceased), Hal LaPointe (adoptive brother, presumed deceased)
Known confidants: Sage, Devin Petrovich, Tekk Magee, Nash Clayton, Odell Turner, Wilem Nighten, Trevor Leone
Known allies: Status Q, Tekk Support, Paradox Coven, Able and Renette Ferrati/Ferrati International Technologies,  Redgate Industries
Major enemies: Lord Vadik Adadurov/ Lord Anarchy, Red Pleasure, IronFury II, Brotherhood of the Dark Order, HollowPoint (with Assassins Guild), Status Slayers, T.E.A.S.E.
Usual base of operations: Status Incorporated offices/ Status Central, Alpha City
Former base of operations: None known
Current group membership: Leader of Status Q
Former group membership: None
Extent of education: College-level studies
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 220 lbs
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Other distinguishing features: Surgical scars on right knee
Intelligence: Above normal
Fighting skills:
Excellent hand-to-hand combatant, trained in various martial arts
Special skills and abilities: 
Exceptional tactician, uncannily persuasive,  excellent acrobat, skilled driver( two and four wheeled vehicles)
Superhuman physical powers:
Superhuman mental powers:
None known, however his confidant “Sage” is thought to be a manifestation of latent mental abilities
Special limitations:
Surgically reconstructed right knee
Source of superhuman powers:
Costume specifications: Armored battle-suit composed of Kevlar fiber micro-mesh.  Inner lining body suit composed of environmental gel.  Gel  reacts to outside conditions to maintain comfortable temperatures for wearer.  Also provides self-sealing , antibacterial protection from punctures and cuts. Personalized armor plating is composted of laminated Kevlar fiber. Helmet contains visor (integral) with infrared sighting, telescopic lens, magnetic resonance scanning and camera attachment.  Helmet also includes breathing apparatus, two-way radio communications, parabolic sound enhancer, and cybernetic link to armor systems
Personal weaponry:
Carries a two-piece  staff. One staff section can be electrically charged to serve as a stunner/taser, the other section contains a pneumatic grapple line launcher.
Often uses a shield in place of the bracer on his left arm.
Special weaponry: Magnesium flares, smoke pellets, various other items as needed
Other accessories: 
Closed circuit video link to Ranger’s( the K9 member of Status Q) audio/video system
Custom Prima Giugiaro, several motorcycles, the Status Inc, helicopter, the Status Q mobile armored command vehicle, personal hovercraft
Design and manufacture of paraphernalia:
Tekk Magee and Tekk Support (original designs and modifications, Ferrati International, Redgate industries
Origin: Found, just after he was born, abandoned on the steps of the Alpha City Children’s home. Soon he was adopted by Art and Gwen LaPointe. He and given the name Quade. He led a relatively happy and normal life, then at age eight he learned of his adoption. It was after this revelation that he first heard “the voice”. This disembodied spirit seemingly spoke only to him. As he grew older his “Sage” taught his (alleged) true origins. That he was born on an imperiled other-dimensional world.  The “Sage” also taught him the morals and ethical heritage of his birth and of his destiny to serve mankind (prompted by Sage, he begins martial arts training). Apparently given to thoughts of heroic grandeur and flights of fancy. He is diagnosed with a unique form of Quixote Syndrome. At age sixteen , to appease his concerned parents, he enters mental therapy.
During his stay in therapy, his parents are tragically killed and his brother’s body lost after a mysterious accident. Shattered by the loss of his family, he remains in therapy until age eighteen.  On his own at eighteen he legally changes his name to Qui’ote Five, and opens Status Q Fugitive Retrievals.

Significant issues:
Master Anarchy gains power in the country of Nargania; During a routine fugitive retrieval, he meets, small time criminal, Monroe Biggman. During their return flight home, Qui’ote’s tales, of justice and honor, serve as inspiration to “Biggs”;
Members of Narganian royal family held hostage by Master Anarchy;
Negotiations for hostage release breakdown;
Qui’ote executes a daring rescue. During this mission he first meets Devin Petrovich;
During this rescue, Qui’ote receives a severe knee injury, at the hands of the assassin “HollowPoint“;
With his successful rescue of the Narganian hostages, Qui’ote gains world wide fame;
While receiving therapy for his damaged leg, he meets Inventor, Theodore “Tekk” Magee;
Tekk, is undergoing therapy after having his leg amputated;
With Sage advice, Qui’ote, purchases an “UltraBucks” lotto ticket. Over night he becomes a multimillionaire;
Now able to further fund his adventures, he decides to invest in custom armor for aesthetics, as well as, personal protection. Tekk agrees to join Qui’ote. He will design armor and equipment;
Creative genius Tekk, introduces him to fellow patient, Nash Clayton. Clayton, a former SEAL and Special agent, had recently lost his right arm;
Qui’ote suggests Clayton join on a covert basis;
Tekk designs a custom cybernetic arm for Clayton;
Qui’ote and Tekk form, “STATUS. Inc.’;
STATUS. Inc, opens in a renovated warehouse;
Qui’ote purchases a Belgian Malinois. Named Ranger, the pup will be trained much like a police canine;
Qui’ote decides to take on a protégé. True to form, he does the unusual and places a “help wanted” ad;
He interviews several candidates;
Hires Wilem Nighten , rookie cop, son of Police Chief Randell Nighten;
During a business deal, with Ferrati International Technologies, Qui’ote and Tekk, meet Able and Renette Ferrati and their daughter Lila