Grace Alexander, Office manager. With a Masters degree in business and a black belt in karate, Ms. Alexander is the “perfect” receptionist for STATUS INC.
    Domestically Integrated Network Interface Command. DOMINIC is avatar for STRONGHOLD’s A.I. systems. He is in control of all maintenance and security. Considered a sentient being by all STATUS Inc. Associates. He is friend and confidant to many, as well as an occasional field member.
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       Trevor Leone, Legal counsel and PR director. Politically savvy, with a sharp wit, Mr. Leone acts as publicist for STATUS INC. He is responsible for all press information, as well as, Merchandising endeavours. As an attorney, he represents STATUS INC’s legal interests.
With style and a flair for the dramatic, he is fierce courtroom lawyer.  Unfortunately, most physical confrontations , find him retreating
for safety.
   Butler, the gentlemen's A.I., one of several subordinate personalities of DOMINIC, STONGHOLD's A.I. system.
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In keeping with Qui'ote's grand vision for STATUS Q, the team meets in the grand conference hall.
Tekk Support, a subsidiary of  Status Inc.,  headed by Theodore  Magee.  The primary mission of T.S. is the technological and informational support  of  Status Q and affiliates. 
These services are also offered to other “anonymous” individuals and groups,  at a reasonable rate.  Training facilities are also available.

Tekk Support employs three civilian technicians, as well as, DOMINIC (one of the most advanced  A.I. systems in existence).

Henri Callum,  master mechanic and fabricator.   Responsible  for most mechanical construction, he brings the designs of others “to life“

Zoë Nichols, electronics specialist.  Creating  and maintaining much of the fine computerized hardware, she is considered Tekk Magee’s apprentice.

Oliver “Iceberg” Lattice, programmer and hacker.  If  the information exists he’ll find it.
    Domestically Integrated Network Interface Command.
Shown here is the heavier older body used by DOMINIC along with one of many drones.
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