Terror Enterprises:
Allied Sociopathic Extortionists
TroubleMaker, leader of T.E.A.S.E. An empathic seductress. She likes expensive things. She just doesn’t like to pay for them...
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Thumper, bodyguard. Iron skinned and super strong. He has known Troublemaker since they were children. Immune to her empathic abilities, he truly cares for her. His life is hers of his own free will. Pity anyone that tries to harm her.  He has recently begun wearing an energy gauntlet, making him more dangerous.
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Toxin, scientist. The victim of an experiment gone wrong. Toxin’s body is now in a constantly expanding gaseous state contained only by his special suit. The suit is vented to release excess gas. He can control the chemical composition of theses gases.
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The Tooth Collector, cyberneticist. A master of bio-mechanical integration. He is responsible the enhancements of T.E.A.S.E. operatives and occasionally works freelance.. A bizarre individual, he demands, one tooth from each patient. Payment due painfully at his discretion.
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El Tazar
El TaZar, swordsman and thief. This latin lover lost his hand to a jealous husband. With his hand replaced with a hard light blade. He joined T.E.A.S.E.,  But not after the aforementioned husband “went to pieces”.
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3HandDuece, soldiers. SGT. Delray Dupree and SGT. Billy Joe McCoy. While serving as military guards for a secret nuclear project the two soldiers were caught in a fusion accident. As a result they became the subject of intensive and invasive research. Angered, and blaming the government for what they had become. They escaped and joined the criminal organization T.E.A.S.E. They enjoy causeing problems for the country that created them.
THUGs 1 &2, The Hired Underling Guys. Bud and Lou. They do the grunt work. As 1 and 2, they have seniority over the other THUGs.
TurboKill, killing machine. The former THUG 3, volunteered for an experiment based on stolen military research. Now trapped in this cybernetic body, he serves T.E.A.S.E. until his human form can be replaced.
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TeddyBomb "self replicating explosive A.I." Cute but deadly foot-soldiers for the TEASE organization
Cursed with an over-active thyroid and a degenerating skeleton, gifted with the ability to teleport.  Encased in a permanant exo-suit, Tranz, serves as team transport for T.E.A.S.E.
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