Hal LaPoint a.k.a. Hollowpoint, killer for hire. A ruthless mercenary with a mysterious past*. Cybernetically enhanced, he can execute shots no normal man can. Hollowpoint is responsible for the knee injury,  Qui’ote received during the Narganian incursion.  Hollowpoint is a member of the "Assassins Guild" based in Nargania.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 *In his late teens, LaPoint underwent an extensive cyber adjustment  program.  Spending a year in sensory deprivation, he experienced accelerated virtual training.  His memories were also supplemented to coincide with his artificial experiences.  He emerged from the program with the mind of a man twenty years his senior.  To further aid the illusion of his fictitious past, his physical appearance was altered to match his new mental age.