the iron fury
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der EisenFurie (Iron Fury), arch enemy of Blue Comet... he fought for the Axis powers in the U.S.
During the heat of battle , both were caught in an explosion powered by the Nullinite Crystal. Transported into the future (2003). Unable to return to his own time, he has found refuge in Narganian. Taking advantage of the modern technology, he has revamped his flight suit becoming faster and more powerful than ever.
Modernized flight suit
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Anschlaghammer (Striking Hammer), Nazi super soldier. During the times of World War II, the man called Striking Hammer, possessed the sprit of the mythical god of thunder. Only able to tap a small portion of the god-like power he was immensely strong and durable. It should be noted that, Cealoch, the current incarnation of the thunder god, is at full power and completely free of the malevolent nazi influence.
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